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Digitales Hochleistungs-Taschenhörgerät apollon AC

Product Type:
Pocket hearing aid

Areas of Application:
- Suitable for almost every hearing loss

The digital high-performance handheld hearing aid apollon is attached to its neck strap, belt or shirt pocket with a clip and is connected to a miniature handset via a cable. Standard version monaural - optionally also for binaural restoration. Can be combined with audio devices (e.g. CD player, MP3 player).

Features / Components:
- monaural
- binaural
- multi-channel
- digitally programmable
- AutoFit, NAL, BC Fit (bone conduction)
- 4-band audio processor
- 4 position mode switch (OT-MT-M)
- Volume control
- 2 batteries AA
- Optical and acoustic signal when the battery is low
- DAI input
- Audio input (3.5 mm jack socket)
- Color anthracite

Additional options when using the BHMFit2 version 2 software. 1, Hi-Pro Box and programming cable CS44:
- height and depth reduction
- notch filter
- noise reduction (on / off switchable via software)
- easy to use thanks to larger controls
- digitally programmable and possibility of connection to MP3 -, radio and Bluetooth systems
- fulfills a spectrum from situation-related hearing aids to high-performance hearing aids
- can be used for air and bone conduction
- inductive signal for visits to museums, theaters and churches

Max. Acoustic amplification according to IEC 60118-0: 95 dB
Max. Output sound pressure level according to IEC 60118-0: 154 dBSPL

Technical Data:
Length (cm): 6
Width (cm): 1.9
Height (cm): 7.1
Weight (g): 76.5 with batteries

Price (without guarantee):
Price on request

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BHM-Tech Produktionsgesellschaft mbH


BHM-Tech Produktionsgesellschaft mbH


Hörakustik-Fachhandel Bundesweite Suche nach Hörakustikern

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