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Maxi Hörverstärker BE2020

Product Type:
- hearing amplifier
- Sound transmission system
- Accessories for audio-video systems
- Accessories for hearing systems

Areas of Application:
- hearing impairment

Bellman Audio Maxi is a digital hearing amplifier for people with impaired hearing who value good understanding in acoustically difficult listening situations. Audio Maxi impresses with its high hearing amplification, excellent sound quality and ease of use. This system is designed for hearing aid users who need an additional hearing aid. It can be used with hearing aids, cochlear implants and normal headphones.

Features / Components:
- Omnidirectional sound recording, processing and playback in one housing
- excellent sound quality
- very high volume adjustable
- separate high / low tone control
- Suitable as a television listening amplifier - lowers TV or radio in favor of the microphone
- Ideally used as a 'mobile ring loop'
- Clearly arranged operator elements
- Reduction of disturbing background noise
- Suitable for travel and universal use

- Maxi hearing amplifier
- lanyard
- Belt clip
- AA alkaline batteries
- Operation manual

Technical Data:
Operating time (h): 150
Power supply via 2 x 1.5 V batteries type AA.
Length (cm): 14
Width (cm): 4.5
Height (cm): 2.4
Weight (g): 86

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor

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Bellman & Symfon Deutschland GmbH


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