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App for converting text to speech

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  1. E-triloquist
  2. E-triloquist Kategorien und Textbausteine

Areas of Application:

- Language impairment


The program provides on the screen words and phrases, which the user can click and talk over a loudspeaker. An artificial voice must be installed on the computer, it is not included in the free program. Statements can be modified, added or deleted, and can be divided into groups and sub-groups according to their own ideas. It is not necessary for the user to move and / or click the mouse pointer. The mouse functions can also be easily controlled by, A head control or the like can be replaced. Texts can also be entered using a screen keyboard. If necessary, physical restraint can be bypassed with further auxiliary programs to the extent that it is also possible to operate with only a single pushbutton switch.

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- Required:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, NET Framework 3.5
- Can be operated with only one push button
- requires artificial voice

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