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App for AAC for the iPad or iPhone

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Grid Player


Grid Player is an app for AAC that helps people who cannot speak or have unclear pronunciation. Sentences that you create can be spoken aloud. Grid Player is designed for people with communication problems, from using symbols to using a keyboard. Grid Player is designed to be used in conjunction with The Grid 2, which allows you to use grids on the iPad. If you do not have The Grid 2, you can use the Grid Player with three complete grid sets (included): Symbol Talker A, Symbol Talker B and Text Talker.

Features / Components:

- Over 12,000 Widgit symbols
- female and male voices
- TouchType word prediction for faster writing
- prediction suggestions with symbols to help with word recognition
- Copy sentences for use with Twitter, Facebook etc.
- dynamic communication support
- uses Widgit symbols
- over 2,000 unique words in over 50 categories
- two vocabulary lists (Level A and B)
- Keyboard with symbol - Prediction
- High contrast keyboard with large keys
- Word completion and intelligent prediction of the next word
- over 100 contained phrases in 10 categories
- large input - area visible for the communication partner
- Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later
- Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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free of charge

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