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SuperNova Magnifier & ScreenReader

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Screen reader

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SuperNova Magnifier & ScreenReader

Areas of Application:

Visual impairment


The software has a screen magnifier, a screen reader and support for Braille displays. SuperNova helps people with blindness or visually impaired access to their computers independently for work and education.
The different functions are also available individually: screen enlargement, enlargement with reading function for texts, screen reader
There are also all variants on mobile USB sticks.

Features / Components:

- Enlargement from 1.2x to 64x
- in stages Magnification
- excellent font smoothing (true fonts)
- multiple monitor support
- 8 magnification views
- line mode
- Doc Reader
- fixed areas
- inverted color display

With SuperNova Connect & View you can view any high definition (HD) Connect the camera to the computer so that magazines, newspapers, bills and other objects can be enlarged on the screen

Speech output:

- High-quality, human-sounding speech synthesis
- Choice between character echo, word echo, etc.
- Adjustable speech rate and volume
- Text style Announcement
- Announcement of the text under the mouse
- Read from here - Tool
- Click and read from here
- Language when filling out forms on websites
- Language during the login process
- OCR function to scan and read mail, operating instructions and more

Screen reader:

- Dolphin cursor
- Quick navigation buttons
- Object finder
- Predefined verbosity settings
- Generate verbosity settings


- supports a large number of serial, USB & Bluetooth braille displays
- short and full text, computer & literature Braille
- supports a physical & logical Braille mode
- Braille input
- various Braille settings
- display of Braille on the monitor


- SuperNova can be installed in Wide and Local Area Networks (WAN, LAN)
- Windows 10
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 7 (32/64 Bit Edition)

For further information on the Citrix and Terminal Server search for SuperNova Enterprise

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Dolphin Computer Access Ltd.
Technology House, Blackpole Estate West
WR3 8TJ Worcester
Telephone: +44 1905 7545-77 Email: Homepage:


fluSoft Spezial Computer Technik
Ulf Beckmann und Jan Mitzscherlich - Gesellschaft des bürgerlichen Rechts -
Tannenstr. 2
01099 Dresden
Germany Telephone: 0351 40457-0 Email: Homepage:

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