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TM-SB Txxx - TMspeakdocu für Sprechbehinderte - Kommunikationshilfen

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TM-Sb Txxx TMspeakdocu für Sprechbehinderte

Areas of Application:

Font, symbol, image and context-oriented communication


The communication aids TM-SB Txxx TMspeakdocu for speech impaired people allow communication via free text input or via pre-made idioms (text and graphics symbols). These communication aids are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and language quality. Due to the individual configurability and expandability of the functions, the communication aids can be quickly and easily adapted to the needs and abilities of the person and their course of the disease. If not all TM-SB T132 (basic) functions are required, there is also the option of a TM-SB T132 (Light) variant. In the light variant, only certain functions from the basic variants are supplied, eg functions only for font communication or only for symbol communication. You can choose from the TM-SB Txxx TMspeakdocu for speech-impaired communication aids in various sizes and expansion options. These include, for example:

Features / Components:
- Input touch screens between 3 and 15 inches (depending on the model)
- Alternative input via special mouse, joystick or other sensors possible
- Input via eye control possible
- can be worn or on the bed or in a wheelchair or similar

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The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor

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Lehmgrube 10
74232 Abstatt
Germany Telephone: 07062 916784 Email: Homepage:


Lehmgrube 10
74232 Abstatt
Germany Telephone: 07062 916784 Email: Homepage:

Options / Accessories:

- Special functions such as communication only via symbols, context-related communication for aphasia patients
- Special functions depending on the degree of disability
- Eye control, head control, environment control
- TMmyvoice allows communication with your own voice
- Keyboards, mouse, joysticks, mouth-mouse, different languages



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