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Communication program for people with and without the understanding of a script

The communication program enables people to communicate with and communicate with one another via pictorial symbols and letterboards.
In scope and difficulty, Mind Express can be adapted to various disabilities. From simple symbol vocabulary to single word strategy with grammar functions or screen keyboard with word prediction.
Sentence in Mind Express is related to the situation, grammatically correctly and can be reproduced in different times (past, present, future). The program has word processing functions so that the user is able to save or print texts entered via keyboard or symbols.
The language output is via a speech synthesis or supernaturally recorded language. In addition, it is also possible to import your own audio files, for example with the favorite music. Letters on a keyboard can also be played back loudly, eg for beginners.
Beside the symbols you can of course also use your own photos.

Features / Components:
- Programming of own page sets
- Multimedia
- Calendar
- Daily schedule
- dynamic lists
- optional e-mail or SMS

Price (without guarantee):
654,50 EUR including VAT (sales)
End consumer price
Price Date:31.01.2017



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