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App for communication for the iPad

MetaTalk is a symbol-based app for AAC. It enables people to communicate with little or hardly understandable spoken language. With the completely structured vocabulary, communication can be started immediately, individual adjustments are possible.

Features / Components:
- synthetic voice output (Acapela) with female and male voice, voice pitch and tempo adjustable
- alternatively keys can be discussed by yourself
- Assignment of the keys with own photos and texts
- Photos from the photo album or via the directly connected camera function (iPad 2)
- in the layout editor, keys can be moved and added from the library
- Symbols, buttons and pages can be hidden
- all editor functions can be switched off via the settings
- pre-configured vocabulary comprising more than 2300 words and statements, additional symbols in the symbol library
- with everyday and colloquial vocabulary including common swear words
- Pronouns (me, you, him...) and people (mom, dad...) automatically linked with grammatically appropriate verb forms-
- vocabulary arranged according to topics, supplemented by appropriate sentence beginnings, questions, verbs, small words, etc.
- Phrases and questions for initiating communication, e.g: My name is.../What's your name?; I like.../What do you like?
- Page with message buttons that can be discussed with, for example, current news; customizable morning and afternoon schedule; TV program page
- Acapela voices Julia and Klaus integrated, version 2.0.2
- Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later
- compatible with iPad

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Cidar Health Care LLC


Apple Inc. (iTunes)

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