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Product Type:
Communication software for people without spoken language

Areas of Application:
- Aphasia
- Dysarthria
- Disorders of the muscular or nervous system
- Stroke
- Autism
- Mutism
- Mental handicap

The COMMUNICA program transfers the principle communication board to the computer and extends it with the multimedia possibilities of modern technology. Communication boards, like gestures and gestures, are frequently used means of expanding and supplementing spoken language restricted communication. In COMMUNICA, the screen of a computer can be divided into any number of fields depending on the competence of the user. It therefore corresponds to a single page of a communication folder. Any number of these COMMUNICA pages, which are arranged like book pages and in which you can page forward and back, then form this communication folder to a certain extent. It is also possible to create a completely new communication folder behind each field. Hierarchies of any depth can be built up

Features / Components:
COMMUNICA runs on any commercially available PC, notebook or pad PC
Can be used for a wide range of diseases and disabilities

Price (without guarantee):
The price is on request available from the manufacturer / distributor

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Communica Kommunikationskonzepte


Communica Kommunikationskonzepte

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