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NaturalReader Sprachsoftware

Product Type:
App for converting writing into speech

Areas of Application:
- Speech impairment
- Dyslexia

NaturalReader is free software for people without a voice who can use a keyboard. The program can be used both online (in the browser) and offline (without a connection to the Internet). The offline variant applies to Windows and Mac. The online variant works independently of the operating system used and also runs on all devices in the browser. For offline use, at least one artificial voice must be installed on the device.

Features / Components:
- Languages: German, English (US and GB), French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic
- Speech speed: 7 levels
- Compatibility (offline): Windows and Mac
- online: 2 votes to choose from

Price (without guarantee):
free of charge

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Weitere Details des Vertriebs (Deutsch)

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NaturalSoft Ltd.


kommhelp e.V.


NaturalSoft Ltd.

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