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Aira's smart glasses

Product Type:
App for data glasses

Areas of Application:
- Visual impairment

This app can be used in combination with data glasses. Data glasses are small computers that combine a display, camera, microphone, touchpad, WLAN and battery and are controlled, for example, by voice or a touchpad on the temple. Data glasses are mostly commercially available products for which the software can be adapted to meet the needs of the disabled.
The data glasses record and film the immediate surroundings with the help of the app. Surrounding information (street names, shops, restaurant menus) can be called up and passed on acoustically.

Features / Components:
- Software that is used with data glasses and a headset
- Enables quick help without an accompanying person
- Can record data and pass it on acoustically
- Currently only for IOS

Price (without guarantee):
The Price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Aira Tech Corp


Aira Tech Corp


Apple Inc. (iTunes)

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