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BeneGrid Mac

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Communication software for people without speech

This supported communication software is for users who want to and can work independently with text and computer, and also have good (head) coordination skills to control the mouse cursor. With the on-screen keyboard + included in the BeneGrid package and the dwell control provided by the system (or the head control), all cell entries and (color) settings can be made by the user himself. In addition to operation via head / eye control, the software offers the option of moving the mouse pointer via gyroscope data from the iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch (iOS gyroscope). Angle sensitivity and damping of the movements are adjustable by the user. With further reduced coordination capability, the variant - big can be used, which offers larger fields for easier navigation. A total of 180 (80) freely assignable word fields, as well as 10 (8) URL fields and 8 shortcut fields are available for the most important daily activities. Both the grid itself, as well as the audio output and the text editor for labeling the word fields, can be activated and deactivated by the user

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