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Snap Core First

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App for Supported Communication for the iPad and Windows 10 Devices

Core First is at the center of Snap. This is a page set containing keywords, topics, comments, behavior support, word lists, and keyboards. Core First supports the continuous development of the vocabulary and uses the advantage of motor learning through the systematic and targeted introduction of new vocabulary. Snap + Core First builds on the three pillars of communicative success: development, participation, and written language.
The speech synthesis uses the Acapela voices. The German contents are currently displayed with METACOM symbols. For other language content, the PCS symbols are used

Features / Components:
The content in Snap + Core First is available in several languages including:
- German
- English
- Swedish
- Spanish
- Dutch

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The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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Tobii Dynavox AB
Tobii Technology GmbH



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update status: 08.11.2019

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