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Meine eigene Stimme

Product Type:
Speech synthesizer

Areas of Application:
- as a personalized communication aid for people at risk of loss of voice

- as a communication aid for patients with neurological diseases such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), MS (multiple sclerosis) or Parkinsons, who experience paresis in the mouth area.

- as an alternative or replacement to tone generators, if the use of tone generators is not possible,
z. B. aphonia, voicelessness or laryngectomized patients who cannot or only insufficiently master the esophageal voice and for whom the use of an internal or external sound generator is not possible (people at risk of loss of voice)

My own voice is speech synthesis software with integrated text editor and integrated sentence table for use as a communication aid in connection with a PC or tablet. The program makes it possible to convert any entered text into speech (text-to-speech) and to have it spoken in German with your own voice. To do this, users need to record their voice before they lose their voice.
For people who are threatened with loss of voice:
First, a 3-hour voice recording must be carried out. In a later phase, in which those affected can only express themselves inadequately understandable, the recorded voice is inserted into software so that they can continue to communicate with their own voice.

Features / Components:
Speech synthesis:
- Speech synthesis produced individually on the basis of professionally guided speech recordings
- Speech synthesis with your own voice possible (or also from people close to you)
- Volume, word emphasis, echo effect adjustable
- Editable exception dictionary for special or different ones Pronunciation can be created

Program functions:
- Output of text entered in the integrated editor possible
- Word emphasis of the entered text can be changed
- Copy and paste of text from other applications possible
- Text input possible with connected keyboard or with screen keyboard
- Interface with SAPI 5 capable programs possible
- Output of pre-stored sentences possible
- Individually pre-stored sentences can be expanded as required in the side window
- Sentence table with 8 categories with a maximum of 20 sentences each, of which 1 category (20 sentences) can be freely assigned
- Shortcut keys for all program functions

- Duration of the voice recording: approx. 3 - 4 hours
- the recording usually takes place on site at the (future) user

- German
- Spanish

Technical data:
System requirements My own voice:
- Windows-compatible PCs from 400 Mhz
- Operating system from MS Win XP to Windows 10
- Free hard disk space approx. 130 MB
- CD-ROM drive or USB connection
- Sound card

- CD-ROM and USB stick with the speech software
- German-language manual in printed form

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


GKV-Hilfsmittelverzeichnis /

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Dr. Eduardo Mendel


Dr. Eduardo Mendel

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