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DIPAX HeadMouse3D

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Mouse Control Editing

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  1. DIPAX HeadMouse3D mit 3D Kamera
  2. DIPAX HeadMouse3D Bildschirmausgabe

Areas of Application:

- allows control of a computer mouse with head movements and facial gestures


The DIPAX HeadMouse3D can control a PC or laptop with head movements and facial gestures (Head Mouse, Head Mouse). A gesture is used to signal the computer whether to trigger a mouse click or open a program.
No additional software is required to perform certain mouse clicks, such as mouse clicks. For example, double-click or keyboard shortcuts. The additionally available depth information of the 3D camera also provides a much higher accuracy and a much greater freedom of movement for the user than with conventional systems with reflector point or webcam.
The mouse pointer is moved across the screen with the help of head movements; If the user is unable to move his head, it is sufficient to move the mouse pointer to the desired position using alternative facial gestures (eg chin movement).

In addition, this head control can also be used as a joystick or game controller.


- USB Stick with software for Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
- Dongle

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Humanelektronik GmbH
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- 3D Camera Asus XTION Pro Live

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Last Update: 9 Apr 2019