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MauSi scan, Mausersatz mit 1-3 Sensoren

Product Type:

Input modification for mouse control with single and multiple buttons

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  1. MauSi Scann
  2. MauSi Scann - Notebookhalter
  3. MauSi Scann - Tischständer

Areas of Application:

- enables the control of a standard computer mouse and important additional functions even with minimal motor skills,
- control is also possible with only 1 sensor or 1 to 3 sensors.


Mouse and important keyboard functions are shown on a display and are triggered by 1 to 3 buttons connected to the device in a scanning process. The selectable function is indicated by an LED, when a single sensor is activated, the identified function is carried out.
Parallel use of screen keyboards or communication programs in scan mode is possible with the same sensors that are used for the scan mouse (direct operation).

Features / Components:

- Scanning mouse for single sensor operation with different scanning methods
- Operation of all mouse functions with one to three sensors possible
- Key keyboard functions are integrated for control
- Switching sensors can be selected specifically for the handicap
- Display for displaying functions with light emitting diodes
- Selectable functions divided into color-coded blocks and labeled
- Selection of keyboard keys by selecting the function: Switch to direct mode
- Separate mouse block for directions and mouse button functions, including:
- Right and left click, double click, holding both mouse buttons , Tempo switching
- Direct support of the WiVik on-screen keyboard or on request of others
- Direct support of programs for voice communication
- Individual adjustment of the control buttons to specific application optionally possible
- Many parameters can be adapted to specific disabilities and work tasks
- Settings can be made directly on the device and single sensor can be operated
- Settings are completely possible by disabled users themselves
- No special additional programs necessary
- No special drivers necessary
- Parallel operation of a standard keyboard or mouse possible

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Dr. Seveke GmbH
Schnorrstr. 70
01069 Dresden
Germany Telephone: 0351 4724-100 Email: Homepage:


Dr. Seveke GmbH
Schnorrstr. 70
01069 Dresden
Germany Telephone: 0351 4724-100 Email: Homepage:

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