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Health-V™ Crystal Handgelenkauflage

Product Type:

wrist support

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  1. Health-V™ Crystal Handgelenkauflage blau
  2. Health-V™ Crystal Handgelenkauflageschwarz
  3. Health-V™ Crystal Handgelenkauflage blau

Areas of Application:

- If insufficient support or mobility, a support of the handball is needed, for. For example:
- neurological conditions with paralysis and / or spasticity of the writing arm
- Inflammatory, degenerative or deforming changes of the hand and / or finger joints

Features / Components:

- Gel wrist rest
- adapts to the circulation pressure of the wrists
- holds wrists in neutral position
- soft, non-slip bottom
- Bottom protects the writing surface
- Support for ergonomically shaped keyboards
- Dimensions: 492 x 73 x 22 mm (W x D x H) - Colors: black, blue
- Article number DA100 / 102

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Gel Handgelenkauflage blau
Gel Handgelenkauflage schwarz

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