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Assistive Product Headcube

Product Type:

App for head control

Areas of Application:

- Controlling a tablet with head movements and facial gestures


HEADCUBE enables people with physical disabilities to operate a tablet independently.
Users:inside can control the tablet with their head alone. This is possible with the help of AI-based analysis of head movements by the front camera of the mobile device.
HEADCUBE can thus recognize how the head is positioned in relation to the screen and reacts to changes in this position by triggering the control. Head movement is used to change the position of the head and thus initiate an input.
The input menu always consists of four fields. The desired fields are selected by head movements. The control runs synchronously with the head movements:
- turning the head to the side, controls to the right or left
- moving the head vertically, controls up or down
- optionally, closing the eyes can complement the control
HEADCUBE's scanning procedure allows the application to be used from only one direction of movement.
In the scanning procedure, the four input fields are marked one after the other at an individual pace and users select the desired field by their direction of movement.

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Apple Inc. (iTunes)
1 Infinite Loop
CA 95014 Cupertino
United States Email: Homepage:


Apple Inc. (iTunes)
1 Infinite Loop
CA 95014 Cupertino
United States Email: Homepage:

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