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Minitastatur Magneto und Magnetstift

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Mini keyboard with key mouse

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  1. Magneto-Einstelltasten an Rückseite
  2. Magneto mit Handballenauflage
  3. Magneto ohne Handballenauflage
  4. Magnetstift

Areas of Application:

This mini keyboard can be used for people with severely restricted hand movement as well as for weak muscles.


The operation is contactless with a very light magnetic rod, which is available in different forms. Variants of this keyboard are also well suited for operation with a mouth pen stick.

Features / Components:

- non-contact operation with straight or curved operating stick made of balsa wood
- keys in an arc-shaped arrangement
- ergonomically adapted to the range of motion
- keys recessed in color
- Can be connected directly to the computer without any additional software
- Integrated connection option for a second keyboard
- Adjustable one-finger function
- Detent for Alt, AltGr, Shift, Ctrl can be set as one-off, permanent or non-detentable
- Status display for detent function via LED
- 4 individually adjustable delay times
- adjustable optical and acoustic button confirmation
- integrated button mouse function
- is also operated with the stylus
- 8 directional buttons for integrated button mouse function (up, down, right, left, 4 diagonal directions)
- dynamic movement of the mouse pointer with 3 different speed buttons individually ellbar
- mouse buttons: right, left, left hold, double-click - electronic help for: double-click, click-drag
- macro function for storing up to 55 functions
- user-specific parameters remain stored in the keyboard

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / sales.

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Gorlo & Todt GbR
Bessemerstr. 32
42551 Velbert
Germany Telephone: 02051 803030 Email: Homepage:


Weißenstein Behindertensysteme
Hohenwindenstr. 13
99086 Erfurt
Germany Telephone: 0361 792397-0 Email: Homepage:

Otto-Hahn-Str. 12
42579 Heiligenhaus
Germany Telephone: 02056 9811-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Housing: Hard aluminum 190 x 140 mm
Front height: 19 mm
Rear height: 32 mm
Keypad size: 150 x 80 mm
Key diameter: 7 mm
Key spacing: 10 mm
Key stroke: none
Key life: approx. 100 million switching cycles
Weight: 1.25 kg
Pen weight: approx. 20 g
Current consumption: 8 - 25 mA, type: 12 mA at 5 V +/- 5 percent
Storage: -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, operation: 0 degrees Celsius up to 50 degrees Celsius
humidity: maximum 80 percent
connection: 6-pin mini-DIN connector (PS / 2)
cable length: 2.5 m
manufacturers guarantee: 3 years


- Optionally also version with wrist rest available

1 mini keyboard Magneto
1 magnetic pen (depending on hand position - optionally available straight or curved)
1 adapter (DIN keyboard plug to mini DIN keyboard socket)
1 Adapter PS2 to USB connector
1 Operating instructions

Options / Accessories:

- tripod with extendable telescopic tube, movable in all directions by 2 ball heads, attachment to table edge
- additional magnetic bars
- hinged feet

The keyboard described above corresponds to the standard product range of Gorlo and Todt company. On request, adjustments of the keypad to the disability or special designs for non-PC-compatible devices are possible.

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Last Update: 14 Apr 2020