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SUMO - Großfeldtastatur mit Mausfunktion

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Large-area keyboard with mouse

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Großfeldtastatur SUMO

Areas of Application:

- Developed for severely handicapped people who write with a finger or with a handle
- Suitable for right-handed and left-handed use
- Large, simplified, colored key lettering facilitates operation for the disabled with perceptual disorders.


The most frequently used keys in the German language are within a relatively small area in the middle of the keyboard, less frequently used keys are further away. On average, 90 percent of all key presses are carried out within the main action field, 68 percent of all key presses are even carried out in the innermost field of 11 keys. The buttons that are most frequently used for learning and therapy programs are also in the cheapest working area. A standard layout (QWERTZ) is also possible on request.

Features / Components:

- Large-area keyboard with special key arrangement and integrated key mouse
- Integrated cover plate: recessed keys, further recess optionally possible
- Radially arranged keys, most frequently used keys in the middle
- despite the large area, only short distances are necessary when typing
- integrated key mouse: easily accessible in the middle of the control panel
- keyboard with wooden frame
- colored key groups
- easy-to-read capital letters
- glare-free, abrasion-resistant lettering and painting
- Triggering of the key functions with the fingers, mouth or head stick
- One-hand or one-finger operation completely possible: Locking of the Shift, Ctrl, Alt and AltGr keys
- Indication of the locking states via LEDs
- Locking deleted after another key press, optionally also Fixed engagement possible
- adjustable: repetition, stop delay, double stop lock
- macro function (T exte or commands) programmable for all letter keys
- switchable actuation tone when pressing a key
- the user can make settings directly on the keyboard himself
- mouse simulator that can be activated by pressing a key forms a standard mouse completely according to
- key mouse mode: control of the mouse pointer with 4 cursor keys and Additional keys
- Additional keys for: right and left click, double click, holding left mouse buttons, changing the tempo
- Mouse start pace and mouse end pace (mouse acceleration) can be set
- Letter keys can also be used in parallel in keyboard mouse mode for writing
- Use on USB with standard drivers
- Standard keyboard and standard mouse can be operated in parallel

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Gorlo & Todt GbR
Bessemerstr. 32
42551 Velbert
Germany Telephone: 02051 803030 Email: Homepage:


Dr. Seveke GmbH
Schnorrstr. 70
01069 Dresden
Germany Telephone: 0351 4724-100 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Connection: USB
Housing size: 550 x 320 x 65 mm³ (W x H x D)
Number of keys: 89 keys
Mouse: 4 directional keys, 5 mouse function keys
Key spacing: 35 mm
Perforated plate height: 4 mm recessed keys
Perforated plate shape: strongly rounded Key layout: suitable for right and left handed use


Available in 2 sizes:
Size 19 mm
- Button diameter above: 19 mm
- Button diameter below: 23 mm
Size 24 mm
- Button diameter above: 24 mm
- Button diameter below: 28 mm
The large field keyboards are a joint development of the Ingenieurbüro Dr. Seveke and Gorlo & Todt.

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Last Update: 11 May 2020