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Tastenmaus Compactmaus

Product Type:

Mouse control

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  1. Tastenmaus Compactmaus
  2. Tastenmaus Compactmaus mit Abdeckplatte
  3. Tastenmaus Compactmaus mit Handballenauflage

Areas of Application:

People with disorders of fine motor skills, limited range of motion, spastic paralysis, people with dysmelia

Features / Components:

- Operation with one finger or with a head stick possible
- Key mouse with 8 direction keys (top, bottom , right, left, 4 diagonal directions)
- right mouse button, left mouse button, additional buttons for double-clicking and for snapping the left mouse button
- LED status display for locking function
- three different individually adjustable mouse speeds
- housing made of robust, scratch-resistant hard aluminum
- Lettering abrasion-resistant and glare-free

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Gorlo & Todt GbR
Bessemerstr. 32
42551 Velbert
Germany Telephone: 02051 803030 Email: Homepage:


Gorlo & Todt GbR
Bessemerstr. 32
42551 Velbert
Germany Telephone: 02051 803030 Email: Homepage:

Weißenstein Behindertensysteme
Hohenwindenstr. 13
99086 Erfurt
Germany Telephone: 0361 792397-0 Email: Homepage:


Key mouse compact mouse without palm rest
- Housing size: 150 x 92 mm
- Front height: 17 mm
- Rear height: 31 mm
- Weight: 0.65 kg
Compact mouse mouse with palm rest
- Housing size: 250 x 92 mm
- Front height: 2 mm
- Back height: 41 mm
- Weight: 1.1 kg

Technical Data:

Direction keys: 8 yellow arrow keys
Key size: 19 mm (corresponds to standard keys)
Key stroke: 1.6 mm rounded short stroke keys with tactile and acoustic feedback
Keypad size: 57 x 112 mm
Key life: more than 10 million operations
Operating force: 0, 7 Newtons
Current consumption: 1 - 5 mA, type: 3 mA at 5 V + - 5 percent
Ambient temperature storage: -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius
Ambient temperature operation: 0 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius with a maximum of 80 percent humidity
Connection: 6-pin mini-DIN connector (PS / 2)
Manufacturer guarantee: 3 years

- 1 button mouse Compact mouse
- 1 adapter PS / 2 to USB
- 1 instruction manual

Options / Accessories:

- hinged feet
- cover plates for finger guidance, screwable with adjustable height by means of spacers
- tripod with extendable telescopic tube , movable in all directions by 2 ball heads, attachment to the edge of the table
- also available with extra large lettering, optionally with black engraving on a light key cap or with white engraving on a black key cap

Other adjustments of the keypad to the disability or special designs are available on request possible for non-PC compatible devices.



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