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Electronically controlled arm support system

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- Limited muscle strength of the upper extremities
- Support for everyday activities
- Multiple sclerosis
- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
- Spinal muscular atrophy
- Rheumatism
- Neuromuscular diseases


Levaro offers technical support for users with limited or limited muscle strength of the upper extremities. It is an electronically controlled arm support system with an integrated lift function, which takes the weight of the arm by means of an electronically adjustable spring system.
The function and the radius of action of the arm is restored or expanded and enables everyday activities to be carried out independently. The different arm rests, which can be selected specifically to meet the needs of the user, ensure optimal guidance of the arm for correct initiation of movement that relieves stress on the joints and muscles. Not only the user-friendly operability, but also the versatile mounting options on an office or wheelchair, as well as on every workstation, make the Levaro arm orthosis a real movement artist.
Both the motor-assisted lifting function and the horizontal and vertical locking are separate via a 5 -Button keyboard or via smartphone app for Android and IOS devices.

Features / Components:

- controlled by microprocessor
- integrated lift function
- extensive operating range
- one-handed assembly and disassembly at the push of a button
- on electric wheelchairs or office chairs, can also be used free-standing
- dynamic upper and lower arm guides
- weight: 6 kg

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