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Assistive Product Semanux - berührungsloser Webbrowser

Product Type:

Multimodal Computer Control

Areas of Application:

People with motor impairments
- no arms or hands
- arms or hands not fully developed
- paralysis, muscular dystrophies
- Parkinson's disease
- multiple sclerosis disorders
- rheumatoid arthritis

Prevention of and remedies for
- repetitive strain injury (RSI)
- tendonitis
- carpal tunnel syndrome


As a research project, Semanux aims to enable all people to participate independently in digital life - especially for people with motor impairments. Up to now, interaction with the Internet has taken place almost exclusively via mouse, keyboard and touchscreens. This type of interaction requires motor control of the fingers, which is not possible for some people. With the innovative software Semanux Access, users can intuitively operate their computer not only with their hands, but also with their head, eyes and feet:
- operation only with laptop webcam or microphone
- through control via head movements
- through action triggering via facial expressions
- through non-verbal voice interaction, e.g. Buzzing
- works under Microsoft Windows with all applications

Optional integration of further input devices like
- foot switch, game controller or joysticks via Bluetooth and USB
- can also be used in combination with mouse and keyboard


- University startup with 10 years of research experience
- funded by the EXIST research transfer program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the European Social Fund

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