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Assistive Product Camera Mouse

Product Type:

Mouse input software

Areas of Application:

- for motor difficulties that prevent or make it difficult to input using a standard mouse


The Camera Mouse software uses a commercially available WebCam to convert head movements into mouse pointer movements. The prerequisite is the uniform illumination of the user's face. The program tracks a certain point on the face. This point must first be marked on the screen by an assistant. This is done by simply clicking on a prominent point in the image of the face that the WebCam shows on the screen. This can be the nose, the temple of the glasses or even a corner of the mouth.
The program has clicks that are automatically triggered when the mouse pointer is held still over a certain spot on the screen for a certain amount of time.

Features / Components:

- control via standard webcams
- enables mouse pointer movements
- enables left click, right click and left double click
- menu navigation in English
- the speed of the mouse pointer can be changed by the user according to his/her own preferences

Price (without guarantee):

free of charge

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