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Assistive Product Mausersatz MauSi scann

Product Type:

Input modification for mouse control with single and multiple buttons

Areas of Application:

  • Control of a standard computer mouse and important additional functions even with minimal motor skills


Mouse and important keyboard functions are shown on a display and are triggered by 1 to 3 buttons connected to the device in a scanning process. The selectable function is indicated by means of an LED, and when a single sensor is pressed, the function thus indicated is executed.
Parallel use of on-screen keyboards or communication programs in scan mode is possible with the same sensors used for the scan mouse (direct operation).

Features / Components:

  • scan mouse for single sensor operation with different scanning methods
  • operation of all mouse functions possible with one to three sensors
  • keyboard functions important for control are integrated
  • switching sensors are to be selected according to disability
  • display for showing functions with light emitting diodes
  • selectable functions divided into color-coded blocks and labeled
  • selection of keyboard keys by selecting the function: Switch to direct operation
  • separate mouse block for directions and mouse key functions, a. o. a. o. for right and left click, double click, hold both mouse buttons, tempo switching
  • direct support of on-screen keyboard WiVik o. a.
  • direct support of programs for voice communication
  • individual adaptation of control keys to specific application optionally possible
  • adaptable in many parameters to concrete disability and work task
  • adaptations can be made directly on the device and single sensor
  • adaptations completely possible by disabled users themselves
  • no special additional programs necessary
  • no special drivers necessary
  • parallel operation of a standard keyboard or mouse possible

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Dr. Seveke GmbH
Weinsheimer Str. 57a
67547 Worms
Germany Telephone: 0351 4724-100 Email: Homepage:


Dr. Seveke GmbH
Weinsheimer Str. 57a
67547 Worms
Germany Telephone: 0351 4724-100 Email: Homepage:

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