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Assistive Product Traxsys Roller Plus Joystick

Product Type:

Mouse control

Areas of Application:

- Mouse replacement in the case of a lack of fine motor skills,
- When the use of a standard mouse or a trackball is not possible.

Features / Components:

- Joystick mouse in ABS housing for connection to IBM-compatible or Macintosh Computer
- Operation with hand and / or foot
- With integrated, removable cover plate, which also serves as a palm rest
- Cover plate for safe finding of the keys
- Cover plate to prevent the mouse buttons from being triggered accidentally
- Retaining nuts on the bottom of the device for secure attachment to the worktop or Tripod
- Connection instead of the mouse, without additional software
- Various joystick handles available: Joystick, softball, T-handle
- Mouse pointer speed: five cursor speeds can be selected
- Function keys for X / Y-axis selection
- (for safe pointer positioning)
- Additional buttons for the following functions:
- Right and left click, double click, hold both mouse buttons, speed selection, X / Y lock g
- X / Y blocking: blocking a direction of movement of the mouse pointer in the X or Y direction:
- wobbling of the mouse pointer movement is prevented by X / Y blocking
- Switchbax available as an accessory for connecting single sensors
- all buttons except the Speed button can be triggered with external sensors
- Delivery with external power su

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


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Traxsys Input Products
33 Oakfield Road
SE20 8EW Penge, London
United Kingdom Telephone: +44 208 659-9090 Homepage:


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Technical Data:

Connection: USB, PS / 2
Number of mouse buttons: 6 mouse buttons
Dimensions including cover plate: 139 x 225 x 95 mm (W x D x H)

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Last Update: 14 Oct 2020