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Assistive Product DIPAX ScanMouse | DIPAX SensorBox

Product Type:

Input modification for mouse control with single buttons

Areas of Application:

  • enables control of a standard computer mouse and important additional functions even with minimal motor skills
  • in cases of pronounced cerebral resp. central movement disorders, neurological disorders or neuromuscular disabilities such as ALS, spastic and flaccid paralysis
  • enables mouse control via individual buttons/sensors


For moving the mouse pointer with a button, the desired target position is determined in two steps. The mouse buttons are controlled by the mouse button emulation DIPAX ClickMaster, which is included in the Delivery:

Functionality of mouse movement:
During ScanBox operation, a vertical bar on the screen moves permanently from left to right and back again (scanning). If the bar is above the desired click position, a sensor must be actuated, whereupon the bar stops moving. A second horizontal bar is then displayed, which moves permanently from top to bottom and back again. If this bar is also above the desired click position, a sensor must be pressed again. A previously preselected mouse button function is immediately applied to the intersection point determined in this way.

Mouse button function:
Buttons are displayed in a menu on the screen, each for the mouse button functions: Click left mouse button, Click right mouse button, Click middle mouse button, Click and drag left, Double click left. After preselecting one of these mouse button function buttons, the corresponding mouse button function is triggered automatically.

  • trigger button connected to PC via USB optionally included in delivery
  • optional connection of an external sensor via mini-jack socket possible

Features / Components:

  • parallel use of a standard mouse possible
  • switching between any open programs (windows) possible
  • scan area automatically adapts to the size of the active window if desired
  • customer-specific extensions/adaptations possible
  • click menu for selecting a mouse button action

Functions of the click menu:
  • mouse button functions: Click left, right, center, click and drag, double click
  • menu can be displayed horizontally, vertically, or in two rows
  • different display sizes (zoom) adjustable
System requirements:
  • IBM compatible PC
  • USB interface
  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


  • optional: USB box with button, integrated 3.5 mm jack and cable
  • CD
  • Manual

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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