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Assistive Product GlassOuse

Product Type:

Head mouse

Areas of Application:

  • Arm disability
  • Hand disability
  • Operation of touch screens
  • Operation of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc.
  • Mouse control using head movements


GlassOuse is worn like normal glasses and detects head movements using sensors. The device replaces a classic computer mouse and enables the control of computers, cell phones, tablets and smart TVs with the operating systems Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS. With various accessories, GlassOuse can be adapted to different needs.

GlassOuse detects head movements and enables quick and easy connection to various compatible devices via Bluetooth. GlassOuse V1.2 has a number of new features. It can be connected to various switches using a jack plug (3.5 mm). With the Dwell software, GlassOuse can also be used without switches. The software triggers a click after a defined countdown (1.75 seconds or 2.15 seconds, etc.) when the cursor is on a clickable area.

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47057 Duisburg
Germany Telephone: 0203 3965830 Email: Homepage:

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