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Assistive Product Contour Mouse, diverse Ausführungen

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Computer Mouse

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Contour Design, Inc.
10 Industrial Drive
NH 03087 Windham
United States Telephone: +1 800 462-6678 Email: Homepage:


Ergo2Work GmbH
Im Hammereisen 18
47559 Kranenburg
Germany Telephone: 032 221093910 Email: Homepage:


Contour Mouse Small for right-handedness
Contour Mouse Large for right-handedness
Contour Mouse Extra Large for right-handedness
Contour Mouse Medium for right-handedness
Contour Mouse Large for left-handedness
Contour Mouse Medium for left-handedness
Contour Mouse Small for left-handedness

The "Contour Mouse" from 'Contour Design' is an ergonomic mouse for PC and Apple computers. This mouse available in 5 sizes for right handedness and 3 sizes for left handedness. The large base body allows the hand to be placed completely on the mouse. To guide and move the mouse better and with less strength, there is a special guide for the thumb on the side.

The mouse buttons are extremely long, allowing the hand to remain extended during operation. All mouse buttons are freely programmable. The Contour Mouse is also available without cable in a version with radio transmission.

Features / Components:
  • Cable length: 170 cm or radio transmission
  • Connection: USB, PS/2



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Last Update: 23 May 2023