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Product Type:
Mouse button emulation

Areas of Application:
- in the case of motor difficulties which prevent or complicate input using a standard mouse

With XXMaus you can operate the mouse pointer and the most important click functions with a single external switch Mouse click. With two bars, the movement of which is controlled with a single switch or button, you can move to any point on the screen like a crosshair and then select a mouse function.

Features / Components:
- Control via the space bar on the keyboard
- Enables left-click, right-click, left double-click, click and drag
- System requirements: Windows operating system from XP SP2

- This product description is an example of a similar product: XMAUS. The sister program XMAUS only needs 3 keystrokes, but it also only leads to left clicks

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kommhelp e.V.


kommhelp e.V.

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