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ClickAid 2.0

Product Type:
Mouse button emulation

Areas of Application:
- in the case of motor difficulties which prevent or complicate an input using a standard mouse

With this software, mouse functions can be carried out without pressing a mouse button. You point the cursor to the corresponding symbol, wait briefly until the corresponding field turns red and then move the cursor to the point on the screen where you want to click with the mouse.

Features / Components:
- enables left-click, right-click, clicking and dragging
- additional function: clicking while holding down the shift key
- selection of characters using an eye or head control, trackball, touchpad, joystick
- the size of the symbols as well as the time between clicks can be changed by the user according to their own preferences

Price (without guarantee):
free of charge

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Polital Enterprises LLC


Polital Enterprises LLC


kommhelp e.V.

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