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R-Go Compact Break

Product Type:
Small field keyboard

Areas of Application:
- Persons with limited range of motion, joint complaints and/or muscle disorders (one-handed, thalidomide, restricted growth, MS, mouth typists, muscular dystrophies).

This compact keyboard has all the ergonomic features for healthy typing. The compact design keeps hands within shoulder width when using keyboard and mouse simultaneously. The light keystroke reduces muscle tension when typing. The keyboard is ultra-thin, so your hands and wrists are in a relaxed, natural position when typing. This provides better blood circulation to the hands.
The R-Go Compact Break keyboard uses LED color signals to indicate when it's time to take a break. As you type, the LED changes color, like a traffic light. When the light turns green, it means you're working in a healthy range. Orange means it's time for a short break and red means you've been working too long. Taking short breaks during the workday increases concentration, prevents overuse complaints and keeps you fit during the workday.

Features / Components:
- With break indicator
- Ultra-thin for better blood circulation
- Light keystroke for minimal muscle strain
- Prevents reaching for the mouse
- Easy to take with you

Technical Data:

Connection: USB-C
Dimensions: 285 x 139 x 9 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 310 g

Price (without guarantee):
Price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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