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Minitastatur M32 / Minitastatur M42 / Minitastatur M82 / Mikrotastatur M72 / Minitastatur M52

Product Type:
Small-field keyboard

Areas of Application:
Small-field keyboard for people with little strength and severely restricted range of action or paralysis.

All keyboards have an arrangement of the keys that largely corresponds to that of a normal keyboard, so that those who change over will not have any problems . Thanks to the snap-in function, they can be operated entirely with one finger. Due to the possibility of switching to a second level of characters, all characters and key combinations that a standard keyboard realizes can be generated with the keyboards.

Features / Components:
- mini keyboard with small keys
- with integrated mouse simulator or touchpad or trackball
- One-hand or one-finger operation completely possible
- Display of the latching states via LEDs
- Snapping deleted after another key press, optionally also fixed latching possible
- adjustable: repetition, stop delay, double stroke lock, if necessary mouse speed
- macro function (texts or commands) Programmable for all letter keys
- Activation tone that can be switched off when a key is pressed
- Additional keys for: right and left click, double click, holding both mouse keys
- The user can make settings directly on the keyboard
- Connection via USB and standard driver

Price (without guarantee):
The price is on request from the manufacturer / ver drivers available.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Dr. Seveke GmbH


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