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Product Type:
Mouse Control

Areas of Application:
- People with a variety of motor disorders and joint, tendon or muscle diseases
- for left-handers or right-handers

All mouse controls have a left mouse button and a double-click button in addition to the normal mouse click functions , The speed of the pointer movements is also individually, far beyond the conventional capabilities of the Windows system, adjustable. A maximum of six speeds can be called up via three freely programmable buttons. All mouse controls are network compatible and can be directly connected without the need for additional software.

Features / Components:
- DIN A4 / DIN A5 large mouse controls
- Ergonomically adapted standard mice for left- and right-handers
- Custom-made possible
- optionally available with trackball, joystick or key control
- Mouse click functions can also be controlled via external buttons ( depending on the model)

Price (without guarantee):
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Meier & Schütte GmbH & Co. KG

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