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Gaudio-Braille 24pro

Product Type:
mobile Braille display

Areas of Application:
- blind people
- visually impaired people

The Gaudio Braille 24 is a combination of a small 24-digit Braille display, a Braille keyboard and a note-taking device. With the integrated Braille keyboard, texts can be created independently of the PC or smartphone. The data is saved on an SD card or a separately connected USB stick and can also be read from there. If the Gaudio-Braille 24 is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, you can write SMS messages with the built-in 8-point Braille keyboard and read them on the Braille display. With a USB cable, the Gaudio Braille 24 can also be connected to a PC or notebook as a Braille display; It supports all common screen readers.

Features / Components:
- Note function
- Scientific calculator
- Reading texts in .txt, .brl .brf or .asc format
- Date / time: Displays the current date and time
- Compatible with smartphones and the most common screen readers
- 8-point braille keyboard
- 24 Braille modules - 24 cursor routings
- 8-point Braille keyboard
- Braille keyboard with 8 keys
- 4 function keys
- 2 mini joysticks with 5 directions each for navigation
- Connection to other devices via mini USB cable or Bluetooth
- Power supply via USB cable or built-in battery
- Battery: up to 9 hours of mains-independent operation
- Battery charging time: 3 hours
- Data via USB -Stick or / and SD card
- Compatibility: SuperNova, COBRA, Jaws, Window-Eyes, NVDA, VoiceOver

Technical Data:
Dimensions (L / W / H): 16.5 x 9.6 x 2.3 cm
Weight: 300 g

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Nippon Telesoft



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