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HyperBraille F

Product Type:
Graphic pen display with touch input

Areas of Application:
- blind people
- visually impaired people

The Hyperflat surface display shows the entire screen content haptically from an iPhone, smartphone or pad. The home screen and apps are operated via the touch-sensitive haptic surface of the flat panel display and corresponds exactly to that of the screen device. It is possible to operate the apps directly via the Hyperflat or also via a pad.
The HyperBraille F surface display consists of 6,240 individual touch points. This results in a haptic area of 260 x 150mm. The tactile points are equidistantly spaced 2.5 mm in both directions. This means that graphics such as tables or outlines as well as Braille can be displayed anywhere on the touch surface by simply leaving out a column of tactile dots after each character.
The surface is touch-sensitive, so that inputs can be made directly as gestures, mouse clicks etc. Working is possible. The additional 14 hardware keys are reserved for Braille input and special functions. The Courser cross is intended for side navigation and confirmation.
The navigation bar on the front of the device guarantees ergonomic and fast zooming and scrolling. The display is simply connected to the computer via a USB connection.

Features / Components:
- Tactile surface: 260 x 150mm, 6240 dots, grid 2.5mm
- Input via touch-sensitive surface with 5-point multi-touch and hardware buttons
- connection via Blutooth or USB

Technical Data:
Size (W x H x D): 370 x 245 x 42 mm
Distance between points: 2.5 mm
Point height: approx. 0.7 mm
Sensing force:> 30 cN
Connector: 12V 4A

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor

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metec Ingenieur-AG


metec Ingenieur-AG

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