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JSB Fußpedal Triple

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JSB Fußpedal Triple

Areas of Application:

- Hand or arm impairment


The Kinesis JSB Triple Foot Pedal is suited for performing joystick button commands. This takes the strain off the hands and fingers and shifts it to the feet. The foot pedal enables hands-free control of software applications that are prepared for operation with joystick buttons. Stress disorders and clinical pictures that arise from repeated micro-movements when controlling the mouse or joystick can thus be reduced or prevented. This version is equipped with 3 pedals. To upgrade to 4 pedals, another pedal can be connected to the additional socket.

Features / Components:

- Extra long 276cm USB cable
- Optionally with additional socket (Additional Jack) for additional input device
- Rounded design for easy activation
- Adjustable positioning of the pedals
- Adjustable activation force
- Made of high-strength fiberglass-reinforced ABS plastic
- Heavy steel base and low profile prevent slipping
- Plug and play compatible with Windows 7-10, 2000, Vista and XP
- Not for Mac, Linux and Chrome operating systems tested

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Kinesis Corporation
22030 20th Ave SE
WA 98021 Bothell
United States Telephone: +1 425 402 8100 Homepage:


Heisterfeld 11
25489 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 040 607787070 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Dimensions: W 27.3 cm, D 17.8 cm, H 3.1 cm
Weight: 1.1 kg

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Last Update: 19 Aug 2020