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Eyegaze Edge

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eye control

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Eyegaze Edge

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The 'Eyegaze Edge System' from the company 'LC Technologies' is an alternative input device that allows people with physical disabilities to control a computer with their eyes.


A special (infrared) camera mounted under a screen reads the user's movements and observes the fixation point of the pupil on the monitor.
Here, the eye is illuminated by a small infrared light emitting diode, resulting in several reflections in the image: on the retina, on the cornea, as well as further reflections on the edges of the eyelids.

A specially developed software calculates continuously from the reflections on the retina and the cornea both the coordinates of the fixed point, as well as their duration. Prolonging a button displayed on the screen triggers a function assigned to the button. The residence time is adjustable.
Tracking the eye movements with a camera system eliminates the need for attaching additional equipment to the user's head or body.

The user must be able to fulfill the following requirements:

- the ability to control at least 1 eye
- The ability to keep your head still in front of the "Eyegaze" camera
- some reading and writing skills

If possible, the room should not be brightly lit to allow a better evaluation of the infrared light and the system should be placed outside of light sources.

Features / Components:

- Buttons displayed on a screen can be selected by sighting
- various user interfaces available
- integrated on-screen keyboard
- integrated communication interface (with ready-made sentences)
- integrated environmental control
- Control of an additional Windows PC possible (key and mouse operation)
- System is fully controllable via eyes including on and off

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LC Technologies, Inc.
10363A Democracy Lane
VA 22030 Fairfax
United States Telephone: +1 703 385-8800 Homepage:


Interactive Minds GmbH
Bertolt-Brecht-Allee 22
01309 Dresden
Germany Telephone: 0351 48196560 Email: Homepage:

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