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Augensteuerung Alea CAM30NT

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Eye control

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Augensteuerung Alea CAM30NT


Eye control module for controlling the PC or the communication aid. The easy installation of eye control and intuitive operation give the user a sense of freedom, especially over older technologies such as scanning or unwieldy pointing devices.
Using the latest camera technologies and sophisticated image processing and calibration algorithms, the CAM 30 NT allows eye control system a very large range of motion, while maintaining high accuracy.

The modular structure of the system allows patients to continue to use their usual communication software despite the onset of illness. The IG-30 eye control can also be easily integrated into an existing PC environment including a monitor.

Features / Components:

- Eye Control Module
- Base Camera or Control Module
- USB Port without Power Adapter

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TalkTools GmbH
Johanniterstr. 125
47053 Duisburg
Germany Telephone: 0203 7135472-0 Email: Homepage:

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Dimensions L / H / W: 333 x 25 x 25 mm

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Last Update: 9 Apr 2019