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Assistive Product Sprühdosenhalter für Teleskopstange mit Seilzug universal

Product Type:

Telescopic spray can holder with rope pull

Areas of Application:

  • Spray aid for spray cans
  • Wasp control
  • Fight spiders or insects on the gable or roof
  • Spray the treetops
  • Spray paint on the facade
  • Spray smoke detector test gas
  • Activities for what a spray can with a telescopic rod should be used


The system, which consists of 3 plates, is inserted into the thinnest tube of the telescopic rod and tightened with the wing nuts.
The base plate has recesses for all common cans so that the can is stable on the Retaining base stands. The base plate has a hole on the left and right for the release rope.
The middle plate has 3 adjustable screws. This means that any can with a diameter of 4.8 cm to 7 cm can be clamped. The base plate has a hole on the left and right for the release cable.
The spray head plate has a release arm that has 3 holes for the cable. Here, the lever can be used to set the force that is to act on the spray head of the can. In addition, the trigger arm is infinitely adjustable to ensure an optimal fit on the spray head of the can.
If you want to set an angle with the spray can holder, e.g. B. to spray at an angle, you have to order the aluminum joint and the extension piece. The extension piece must be replaced by the tube that is on the joint. This is necessary because the pipe section, which is included in the scope of delivery of the joint, is too short.

Price (without guarantee):

79.73 EUR including VAT (sales)
End-user price

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