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Assistive Product Easy-Up Alltagshilfe für alle Einhänder als Set

Product Type:

Vacuum holder to hold containers when opening

Areas of Application:

  • single-handedness
  • people with limited hand strength
  • restraint of objects such as cans, glasses, bottles, drinking vessels
  • for cookware such as pots, bowls or pans up to 100 degrees C


Through an integrated pump Easy-Up creates a vacuum that fixes the device itself and the objects.
By a vacuum created by pressing a button, the device holds on any smooth work surface. At the same time, the vacuum ensures that objects placed on the Easy-Up are held by it without tipping over.
The strength of the Easy-Up is satisfactory to hold everyday objects such as cans or glass bottles so that they can be opened with one hand.

Features / Components:

  • Easy-Up battery unit standard with charging cable
  • Drink holder set Easy-Drink
  • Silicone rings support set Easy-Warm
  • Screw cap vent Easy-Release

Price (without guarantee):

183,00 EUR incl. VAT.
End user price

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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TRS Med GmbH
Jahnufer 5
14542 Werder Havel
Germany Telephone: 0178 2940675 Email: Homepage:

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