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TURNKEYT Seniorenmilchkarton-Verschlussöffner mit Ziehhaken

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opener for cartons with screw cap

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opener for beverage cartons etc. with two functions: rotating and pulling. Screw caps are sometimes difficult to open, especially for children or elderly people who lack the strength in their fingers.

The plastic cap under the lid must be opened by pulling on a ring, and this is done using the small hook on the side of the NC contact.

Features / Components:

Material: PS
Colors: White

Price (without guarantee):

7.90 EUR including VAT (sales)
Retail price
Price Date: 27.08.2019

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Brix Design A/S
Ved Havnen 8
4780 Stege
Denmark Telephone: +45 558180-22 Email: Homepage:


Uhlenhoff-Ideen GmbH
Viehweg 59
27367 Hellwege
Germany Telephone: 04264 3928748 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Dimensions: 13 x 5 x 2
Net Weight: 20 g



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