Assistive Product Kaiser Patisserie Mehl- und Puderzuckersieb

Product Type:

Flour sieve can be operated with one hand


The flour sieve can be held and operated with one hand and could be a help if you have one hand Similar versions are offered.

Features / Components:

- One-hand operation
- External scaling
- Material: stainless steel

Price (without guarantee):

7.95 EUR including VAT (sales)
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WMF Group GmbH
Eberhardstr. 35
73312 Geislingen
Germany Telephone: 07331 251 Email: Homepage:

Distributor: GmbH & Co. KG
Otto-Diehls-Str. 13 - 17
48291 Telgte
Germany Telephone: 02504 7313222 Email: Homepage:

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