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WMF 1 Kaffeepadmaschine

Product Type:

Coffee pad machine

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  1. WMF 1 Kaffeepadmaschine
  2. WMF 1 - in weiteren Farben erhältlich
  3. Einknopfbedienung

Areas of Application:

- Kitchen utensils
- For people with one hand and limited motor skills

Features / Components:

- One-button operation
- Integrated cup
- For portioned filter coffee in the pad
- Integrated water tank
- Cable winder in the Floor

Price (without guarantee):

99.00 EUR including VAT.
Retail price
Price date: 02/17/2020

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WMF Group GmbH
Eberhardstr. 35
73312 Geislingen
Germany Telephone: 07331 251 Email: Homepage:


PointService GmbH
Borsigstr. 7
40880 Ratingen
Germany Telephone: 02102 41776 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Dimensions (WXH x D): 19.4 x 19.1 x 13.2 cm
Capacity of the water tank: 0.125 l
Heating-up time: 55 seconds
Mains connection: 220-230 V, 50-60 HZ
Power: 1400 W.
Weight: 1700 g



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