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Kochfeldprofis TOUCH

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Screen Stove

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Areas of Application:

- Visual Impairment
- Blindness


The blinds also allow blind people to use self-explanatory glass hobs such as ceramic or induction cooktops
The cooktops are tactile tools for cooking on glass cooktops with perfectly flat and smooth surfaces Surfaces. The cooktops are manufactured individually for each individual order from 100% biodegradable plastic for the respective cooktop.
TOUCH cooktops enable tactile positioning of pots and pans exactly in the center of the heating zones without having to see them from six individual stencils, which are each placed diagonally from the outside on the worktop of the kitchen and then slid diagonally on the corners of the hob edges. By gently pressing on the handle of the tool in the direction of the center of the hob, the template is centered clearly at the edges of the respective corner. Now the spatial position of the respective heating field can be felt on the forks, which are now located exactly above the heating field boundaries at the front of each template.
With the other hand, the cookware can be pushed until the gap between the circular curved Forks of the template and the cookware feels the same everywhere. The cookware is now exactly in the middle of the heating field. The six templates allow you to operate all four hotplates as well as the size-reversible plates and the oval Bratzone.

Features / Components:

- six-piece set or single template
- 4 x hotplate template (vl, vr, hl, hr)
- 2 x Additional templates for special heating zones

Price (without guarantee):

249.00 EUR including VAT
for 6-piece set, individual template 49.00 EUR
retail price
Price-list: 15.05.2019

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Görngasse 25
68782 Brühl
Germany Telephone: 06202 702074 Email: Homepage:

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