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Assistive Product Teleskop-Staubwischer oder Handstaubwischer

Product Type:

Feather duster with extendable handle


The aluminum handle of the feather duster can be extended to a length of 137 cm. Its microfiber head can be swiveled and bent through 270 degrees. In this way, dust can be removed from tall kitchen cabinets and shelves without stretching or dangerous climbing maneuvers. The handle is non-slip. The feather duster can be shortened to 68 cm for storage. The microfiber cover is washa

Price (without guarantee):

19.95 EUR including VAT (sales)
End consumer price

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Kaz Europe Sàrl
Place Chauderon 18
1003 Lausanne
Switzerland Email:,
0221 96759020


Pro-Idee GmbH & Co. KG
Gut-Dämme-Str. 4
52070 Aachen
Germany Telephone: 0241 109119 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Length: 68 - 137 cm



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Last Update: 19 Apr 2021