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Assistive Product Sprechende Waschmaschine Siemens WM14NFW7 Audio

Product Type:

Washing machine with voice output

Areas of Application:

- Blindness
- Visual impairment


Small fonts, low contrasts as well as the increasing use of touch-sensitive operating elements (touch buttons) ensure that normal washing machines are not operable for visually impaired people. The barrier-free operable washing machine from Feelware is based on a powerful basic unit from Siemens, which is equipped by Feelware with an intelligent operating aid, the Feelware Audio voice output. The system announces the name of the set washing program. Furthermore, appliance users can call up audible assistance during operation, which can otherwise only be found in the operating instructions. Useful announcements are provided for each wash programme. They explain which textiles the programme is suitable for, which settings are used during washing and which adaptations are possible. The audible prompts are selected by simply tapping the
programme selection button. The Feelware Audio Voice Response for Washing Machines includes a smart appliance button that is placed on the washing machine's existing program selector knob. It records the current setting of the appliance as well as the prompts from the appliance user
to announce the desired information. The voice announcements are made from a separate loudspeaker, the Feelware AudioBox. A stencil with tactile symbols is attached to the control panel of the washing machine to identify the touch buttons.

Features / Components:

- Feelware Audio control button
- tactile stencil
- Feelware AudioBox
- audible operating instructions on CD
- Front loading washing machine Siemens WM14NFW7 incl. Water

Price (without guarantee):

1,049.00 EUR incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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Further Information

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Feelware BV
Kloosterweg 1
6412 CN Heerlen
Netherlands Telephone: 0241 98096740 Email: Homepage:


Feelware BV
Robert Rupprecht
Kloosterweg 1
6412 CN Heerlen
Netherlands Telephone: 0241 98096740 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.8 x 59.8 x 55 cm
Spin speed: 1400U/min
Washing programmes: 13 plus rinse and spin / pump down
Maximum load: 7 kg



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Last Update: 2 Dec 2021