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Case Study
Workplace design for a production assistant


This is a small business that manufactures covers and lighting for aquariums. The small business newly hired a man with a severe disability.

Employee's disability and impairment:

The man has an arm disability and is severely disabled. As a result, he is limited in holding, carrying, and reaching.

Education and occupation:

The man is a trained information electronics technician specializing in equipment and systems engineering. After a period of unemployment, he was hired by the small business as a production helper.

Workplace and work task:

The production helper cuts plastic covers for aquariums to size on a guillotine shear at a workstation newly set up by the company. A mechanical device was installed on the guillotine shears to enable the production assistant to place the plates correctly against the stop of the shear table for cutting, despite his disability-related limitations. With the aid of the device, the production assistant can bring the large plastic sheets into the correct position with little effort and cut them to millimeter accuracy. This fixture was designed by an engineering firm.

Further Information

and participation:
The disability-friendly design for the newly installed workstation was supported by the Integration and Inclusion Office. The technical consulting service of the integration or inclusion office provided advice, and the fixture was designed by an engineering firm. The small company also received a wage cost subsidy from the employment agency as part of the new employment.

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Last Update: 28 Dec 2022