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homecraft Greifhilfe Handi-Reacher

Product Type:
Gripper, manual

Areas of Application:
restriction of movement

The gripper can be operated by a pull lever on the handle. It is also equipped with a magnet, with the smaller metal objects such. B. needles or coins can be recorded. A hook that can be used as a dressing aid completes the tongs. The pliers can be rotated 360 degrees. Thus, possibly painful rotations of the wrist can be avoided. The pull lever is operated with four fingers instead of the usual two, making the handle easy to hold and operate.

standard, order number: 408054010, price: 26,90 EUR
long, order number: 408056010, price 26,90 EUR
standard, 61.3 cm long, order number: 408054000, price 26,90 EUR
long, 76.6 cm long, order number: 408056000, price 26,90 EUR
extra long, 89.4 cm long, order number: 408058000, price 26,90 EUR

Price (without guarantee):
26,90 EUR including VAT (Sales)
Retail price
Price Date: 09.01.2019




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Performance Health International Ltd.


RUSSKA Ludwig Bertram GmbH

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