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Roboterarm iARM

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Robotic arm

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(Manufacturers information)
- People with little or no muscle function in their hands and arms
- People in wheelchairs
- in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), Duchenne muscular dystrophy, in paraplegia and spasticity


The robotic arm can be attached to and operated on any standard electric wheelchair. The arm supports everyday activities at work, in the household or with hobbies. The robotic arm is operated by joystick or special control and can also be controlled with an app. The arm has a lifting capacity of 1.5 kg, is removable and transportable via a quick release function. Movement sequences can be pre-programmed and saved and called up using a total of 10 memory spaces.


Activities that can be carried out with the ARM are
- Eating, preparing a meal (e.g. with the microwave)
- Drinking and preparing a drink ( e.g. making coffee)
- taking medication
- scratching your head
- brushing your teeth and shaving
- rinsing
- watering plants
- tidying up, picking up something from the floor
- opening / closing doors and drawers
- doing shopping
- Operation of (light switches, e.g. of the television set or video recorder (cassette change)

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Assistive Innovations bv
Aalsbergen 7
6942 SC Didam
Netherlands Telephone: +31 85 7470008 Email: Homepage:


Reha-Med Hilfsmittel GmbH
Eichwaldstr. 9
44319 Dortmund
Germany Telephone: 0231 51916152 Email: Homepage:

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